Christ-Centered Food & Body Image Freedom: FINDINGbalance Organization

Check out the post below by Amy Schaller of the FINDINGbalance organization, a wonderful Christ-centered nonprofit organization for food and body image freedom.

What is the FINDINGbalance organization? What is the mission of the organization?

Since 2002, FINDINGbalance has been committed to helping people repair their relationship with food so they can get on with the life they were created to live. Instead of selling an eating plan or diet product, we arm you with God’s truth about how your body was designed, and offer community for you to begin to find support to apply that truth in your own life (Matt.18:20). We offer “easily-accessible” resources designed to help in your journey toward freedom. As a Christ-centered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are dedicated to helping people find freedom from eating issues, body image challenges, and illuminating hope through God’s truth about their value (Gal. 5:1, our key verse).

What is your role in the organization and why are you passionate about serving those with food/body image struggles?

I serve as FINDINGbalance’s Outreach Coordinator, volunteering 20-50 hours a week, depending on the need. I respond to emails, prayer requests, and those who reach out for support and resources through our website’s “self-test” page. I love what I do and I do it because others did the same for me when I was struggling with disordered eating. Our Founder, Constance Rhodes, was instrumental in my recovery journey; she took an interest in me, way back in 2006, at a time when I didn’t see my value. God spoke through her, and I now give back through my work at FINDINGbalance. I don’t think I could ever repay what I have received through this ministry. It allows me to do something bigger than what I could do alone, I love being a partner, supporter, and encourager (and a donor)! Since Constance stepped back from Executive Director in 2021, I’m now honored to work with women who have become dear friends- the new Executive Director Chrissy Kirkman and Board Treasurer Liesl Dunlap. We are a small yet mighty team at Fb!

What services/materials are offered?

Can I list them all here?! We have many!

  • Eating Issues Test: Not sure where you stand with eating issues? Take a test to know the enemy you’re up against;
  • The Daily Vitamin eDevo: free devotional with bite-sized truth emailed 5 days a week;
  • Community Groups: Find connection with Bible study and prayer groups;
  • Old School Food Freedom Podcast: show created to interrupt negative cultural soundtracks and get back to the old-school basics of God’s original design for our relationship with food and our bodies;
  • Digital Learning Library: library of free videos, articles, and expert Q&A on topics related to ED, body image, and food;
  • Christian Treatment Finder: Connecting you with Christian providers experienced in treating eating issues. Professionals- create a profile so you can be found!
  • Lasting Freedom Online Course: Our online course takes a Christ-centered, non-diet approach to working through false beliefs about food and weight. Includes 7 modules with 42 video lessons total, and “Action Pak” downloads that accompany each lesson with guided worksheets to take you deeper through activities, notes, journal prompts, and scripture.

Why is it important to pursue a Christ-centered approach to food/body image struggles?

I could never have recovered from where I was if I hadn’t placed my eating disorder in Jesus’ capable hands; I do not believe my recovery was possible without God next to me, helping me fight that battle. He brought caring people into my life, spoke truth through those people, and without Him, I’d have fallen and never gotten back up; through Him, all things are possible (Matt. 19:26). Leaning on His grace and truth, I became stronger, and I believe recovery can happen for anyone. I had to make the choice to stand up and fight with Him alongside me.

What is a message of hope or a piece of wisdom that you’d like to provide today?

One of my favorite quotes is from German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer and imparts the wisdom that God wants us to celebrate food as we eat- “God cannot endure that unfestive, mirthless attitude of ours in which we eat our bread in sorrow, with pretentious, busy haste, or even with shame. Through our daily meals He is calling us to rejoice, to keep holiday in the midst of our working day.” This changed everything for me, when I saw food as an act of worship, to feed my body and enjoy meals without shame or judgment; to enjoy what I eat with no moral value on what I eat.

May God’s grace abound,


Thank you Amy! Check out more about FINDINGbalance at and follow them on Instagram @findingbalance

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