Our Team

Welcome to RecoverED Athletes! 

We are a nonprofit organization of individuals dedicated to shining a light in the darkness of eating disorders and other mental illnesses in athletes. Please view our team below.

Board Members

Founder & Executive Director

Megan Ludke, DPT is the founder of RecoverED Athletes, a physical therapist, and a former middle school track coach. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Education in Health Education and Promotion with a concentration in Eating Disorders from Plymouth State University. She created this organization to help raise awareness about eating disorders in athletes (signified by the capital “ED” in recovered). Megan struggled with anorexia and orthorexia as a high school and collegiate athlete and saw just how destructive eating disorders can be. (Read more about her story here) While struggling, Megan didn’t see many resources on athletes that had recovered from eating disorders which is another reason why she created this site. While her background is in cross country and track, she wanted this site to include athletes from a wide variety of sports, to promote recovery in all sports. Her dream is to help prevent eating disorders by raising awareness and educating athletes and coaches. This site is also dedicated to those that are currently struggling with eating disorder(s) and will hopefully provide encouragement and support to keep fighting. Megan’s faith has been central to her recovery which is why she also has included resources and articles for Christian athletes. Please feel free to reach out to Megan through email at recoveredathletes@gmail.com or on Instagram @recoveredathletes or @megan.ludke she’d love to chat!

Vice President

Marina Chen, DPT is on the RecoverED Athlete’s board as our Vice President and is also on our Social Media Team helping to design and create Instagram posts. She currently works as a physical therapist in Seattle, Washington where she enjoys recreational activities of rock climbing, hiking, and backpacking. Marina was a gymnast in high school at a time where she had struggled with body image, anorexia, and disordered eating. She has made strides in her own recovery process and would love to inspire and provide resources to guide others in their own recovery as well.


Maggie Enters is on the RecoverED Athlete’s board as our Treasurer. Maggie is a freelance photographer and has recovered from anorexia as a former cross country and track runner in high school. Maggie brings passion, kindness, and empathy to her role as our Secretary.


Katie Schlicht is on the RecoverED Athlete’s board as our Secretary. She works as a high school teacher and is passionate about the RecoverED Athlete’s mission.

Additional Team Members:

Administrative Assistant & Creative Assistant

Lynn Ludke and Joe Ludke are on the RecoverED Athletes team as the Administrative Assistant and Creative Assistant. Lynn supports this organization through researching financial information and assisting the founder in various tasks. Joe assists in giving input and ideas to the RecoverED Athletes organization. Lynn and Joe are Megan’s parents and have knowledge and experience of caring for an athlete with an eating disorder.


We have so many wonderful volunteers willing to dedicate their time and resources to help us including Elisabeth R., Jane C., Lizzy J., Carley L., Meghan B., Maddie B. We couldn’t do what we do without the help of our volunteers! If you’re interested in volunteering please check out our volunteering page.

Disclaimer: The individuals on the RecoverED Athlete’s team are not licensed counselors, dietitians, physicians, or mental health professionals. The team is composed of recovered athletes, recovering athletes, and individuals that support this cause and have a desire to help and serve thoses in the eating disorder community. The resources found on this website are not a replacement for professional counseling/mental health services or medical treatment; these resources are not to be used in emergency situations. If you are in an emergency situation please dial 911 and/or go to your local emergency room. Please view the disclaimer tab at the bottom of the screen for more information