Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

The mission of RecoverED Athletes is to be a Christ- centered organization shining a light in the darkness of eating disorders and other mental illnesses in athletes. As indicated by the symbolism of a lighthouse, RecoverED Athletes wants to shine a light to those struggling, be a beacon of hope through stories of recovery, and provide guidance on the journey home to freedom and full recovery.

Our Vision

The vision of the RecoverED Athletes nonprofit is to raise awareness about eating disorders in athletes through speaking to athletic teams and camps across the country along with sharing stories of hope on the RecoverED Athletes blog. RecoverED Athletes would love to see additional recovering and recovered athletes rise up across the country to share their story and be sources of light to athletic teams and camps in their area.

Our Values

1. Supporting and advocating for athletes with eating disorders and other mental illnesses.

2. Supporting an anti-diet, health at every size, intuitive eating, weight inclusive approach to health and wellbeing.

3. Cultivating belonging and connection to all individuals, especially those struggling with mental illness.

4. Promoting stories of hope and freedom from eating disorders in a non-triggering format.

5. Helping all individuals (regardless of gender, sexuality, religious views, political views, socioeconomic status, etc) feel their constant, infinite, and inherent worth and value. How they are irreplaceable and there is immense and beautiful purpose in their life.

6. Abiding by Christian values and following Jesus’ example; pointing individuals towards the true light- Jesus.