Below you’ll find ways that RecoverED Athletes serves the community and those struggling with eating disorders. We believe that each individual deserves freedom from disordered eating and body image struggles. We also believe in raising awareness and educating community members, coaches, athletes, and parents on eating disorders. At the bottom of this page we have a list of eating disorder treatment locations to help you on your journey to find support.

Speaking Engagements

RecoverED Athletes provides presentations to athletic teams, camps, and the community on eating disorder awareness at no cost.

Support Groups

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RecoverED Athletes offers a free virtual supportive community for athletes in recovery from eating disorders.

Recovery Letters, with Love

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Sign up through the google form link below to receive a handwritten note of encouragement either mailed to you or sent a picture.


Resources (including additional articles and treatment locations) are available specific to athletes, coaches, along with faith-based resources.

Treatment Locations

Athlete specific options

Virtual Options:

Across the country

  • Betterhelp– outpatient counseling with a licensed therapist
  • Equip health– virtual eating disorder care in select states
  • Center for Discovery virtual support groups
  • ANAD virtual support groups
  • Recovered Living virtual support groups
  • Eating Recovery Center virtual support groups