Speaking Engagements

Megan Ludke, Founder of RecoverED Athletes, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, travels and speaks to high school and collegiate athletes to share her story of full recovery from anorexia as a former student athlete. She also provides trainings on eating disorders to school mental health staff, coaches, athletic trainers, and physical therapy students. Megan Ludke, DPT is a physical therapist, former middle school track coach, and is currently pursuing a Masters of Education in Health Education and Promotion with a concentration in Eating Disorders from Plymouth State University. During her presentations, Megan provides a message of hope and aids in raising awareness of not only eating disorders/disordered eating but other mental illnesses. During her trainings, Megan shares about eating disorders that specifically pertains to the audience in attendance and creates space for open discussion and questions. Please view the map below to view the previous teams and schools that Megan has spoken to along with more specific details about her presentation and trainings below.

Since 2021, RecoverED Athletes has spread the message of eating disorder awareness and the hope of full recovery to:

1300 athletes 70 coaches 300 community members

Presentation for Athletes

  • Lasts approximatley 45-60 minutes
  • No cost to the team, camp, or university as funding is through the RecoverED Athletes nonprofit. Megan is just thankful to be able to share her story and raise awareness about eating disorders.
  • Can be done in person or virtually through zoom
  • Includes discussion of Megan’s personal story, advice, negative effects of disordered eating on performance, and practical information on how to help teammates/if an athlete is personally struggling
  • Powerpoint and resource sheet are emailed to the coach to share with the athletes for additional information, please visit this google drive link below to see an example powerpoint and resource sheet created for the Brevard Distance Runners Camp in North Carolina. The powerpoint and resource sheet are customized to each team/camp in that the resource portion is updated to reflect resources/treatment locations in your team’s area. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VrHMrDZX6GHLy5vgjWeukpq4TG3ThxvO?usp=sharing


Trainings are at no cost to the organization, Megan believes that trainings should be as accessible as possible. Funds are raised through the nonprofit; however, donations are always welcome to help spread our mission of shining a light in the darkness of eating disorders and continue to keep our presentations and trainings free.

Current trainings include:

  • Eating Disorder Training for Physical Therapy Students (60 minutes)
  • Eating Disorder Training for Coaches & Athletic Trainers (60 minutes)
  • School Mental Health Personnel Training (including eating disorder information specific to the education setting and training in the Body Project program- 4 hours total)

Upcoming Speaking Engagements


  • Eating Disorder Training for Athletic Trainers- Manitowoc/Two Rivers Aurora Athletic Trainers: June 8th
  • CSB-CJU CC Camp: June 28th
  • Brevard Distance Runners Camp: July 3rd, 10th, and 17th
  • UW Eau Claire Running Camp: July 18th
  • Jon Murray Distance Camp: July 26th (virtual)
  • School Mental Health Personnel Eating Disorder Training for Howard’s Grove and Sheboygan Area School Districts: August 9th
  • Eating Disorder Training for Coaches and Athletic Trainers- Mount Mary: TBD
  • School Mental Health Personnel Eating Disorder Training for Two Rivers and Manitowoc School Districts: TBD
  • Eating Disorder Training for Physical Therapy Students- Carroll University Physical Therapy program: TBD
  • Metroplex Striders Cross Country Camp: TBD
  • Eyes Up Running Camp: TBD


  • St. Michael’s Cross Country and Nordic Skiing teams: TBD
  • Two Rivers School District Fall Health Classes: TBD

Past Speaking Engagements 2023

  • Doane University Spring Women’s Athletics: Feb 16th (various sports) (virtual)
  • Clarkson University Women’s Lacrosse Team: Jan 26th (virtual)
  • Minot State University Softball Team: Jan 23rd (virtual)
  • Mount Marty Softball Team: January 10th (virtual)
  • St. Olaf Women’s Track & Field team: January 16th (virtual)

Megan would be more than happy to speak with your team concerning eating disorder prevention and her personal story. As a disclaimer she is not a mental health provider but uses credible resources and her personal story to assist in prevention efforts and raise awareness about eating disorders. Please contact Megan at the email below if you are interested in having Megan speak to your team.


Email: recoveredathletes@gmail.com or feel free to use the contact form below.

Past Speaking Engagements 2022 & 2021

  • University of Saskatchewan Cross Country Team: September 27th (virtual)
  • Concordia University, St. Paul Cross Country team: September 22nd (virtual)
  • Edgewood College: September 5th (virtual)
  • Lawrence University Cross Country team: September 1st
  • Virtual presentation for anyone interested: August 31st
  • Beloit College: Cross Country team August 29th (virtual)
  • Viterbo University Cross Country team: August 22nd
  • Sevastopol High School Cross Country Team: August 18th
  • Green Bay East High School Cross Country Team: August 16th
  • Tomahawk Cross Country Team Camp: August 15th
  • Blue Ridge Running Camp in Harrisonburg Virginia: July 28th
  • Texas Tech Cross Country Jon Murray Distance Camp: July 26th (virtual)
  • Eyes Up Running Camp: July 19th (virtual)
  • Brevard Distance Runners Camp in North Carolina: July 11th and 18th (virtual)
  • Beaver Dam Middle School Running Course: July 12th (virtual)
  • All Ohio XC Camp: July (virtual)
  • NE Ohio XC Camp: July (provided a pre-recorded presentation and resource sheet)
  • Camp Zion Junior Girls: July 4th (body image)
  • Carroll University Physical Therapy Program: June 13th
  • Two Rivers School District Community Health Fair: May 21st
  • Kettlebrook Church high school girls youth group: May 14th
  • FCA Huddle West Bend East and West High Schools: April 27th (virtual)
  • Beaver Dam High School Boys and Girls Track Teams: March 30th (virtual)
  • Beloit College Track and Field Men and Women’s Teams: March 29th (virtual)
  • Two Rivers High School Spring Athletics: March 24th
  • Freedom High School Boys and Girls Track Team: March 24th
  • Sheboygan Falls High School Boys and Girls Track Team: March 23rd
  • Howard’s Grove High School Boys and Girls Track Team: March 22nd
  • Lakeland University Men and Women’s Track Teams: March 22nd
  • Two Rivers High School Eating Disorders/Body Image Presentation for Mental Health Day: March 11th
  • Sheboygan South High School Boys and Girls Track Team: March 9th
  • Manitowoc Lincoln High School Athletics: March 2nd (pre-recorded)
  • Concordia University Distance Track Team: Feb 1st 2022 (virtual)
  • Carroll University Women’s Team (Presentation on the Female Athlete Triad) January 11th 2022 (virtual)
  • Carroll University Men and Women’s Track Teams: January 8th 2022 (virtual)
  • Two Rivers High School health classes fall semester (general information about eating disorders): November 18th 2021
  • Beloit College Cross Country Men and Women’s Teams: September 3rd 2021 (virtual)
  • West Bend East Girls High School Cross Country Team: August 27th 2021
  • Beaver Dam Boys and Girls High School & Middle School Cross Country Teams: August 25th 2021